Again the racing had me go through some highs and lows. the difference this time is I got pretty worked up about it. For anyone who was following the racing they would have seen that I yet again had an early exit from the Elimination. Usually I am disappointed. Usually I hoped for more. But this time I actually got physically angry. This for me is a good thing. Not because I got angry with myself, but because for once I feel like I have some emotional investment in my performances. I am generally considered a pretty even tempered fellow. This is a result of actually being a fairly fiery and an out of control competitor as a youth. I often had foot stamping tantrums when I could not win. Not because I was a poor sport, but because I felt I was better then what I was producing. As I grew up I had to learn to dampen that reaction or face social and moral consequences. This led to a disconnect of at least the visible emotional reactions to sport achievement in general. However I have always felt that I could use a little more emotional investment in my cycling life. I think if it is controlled properly emotion can be a great bellows for a competitive fire. My problem is I had worked so hard on being a good sport growing up I was left with coals to work with. Well this weekends racing sparked it back to life. It is refreshing to know I am emotionally invested. I think it will help me find a little more in my racing. It also seems that others took note of my change in personality as well. Even with a 3rd place performance the people at found more of a story in my spirited comeback than in the near flawless performance of the Colombian who clinched the event. Thanks to them for the props. I usually feel like the one who goes unnoticed so I appreciate the coverage.

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Over all impressions of the Olympic venue are positive. I am looking forward to the return in a few months.