One more blog post before the racing starts. We are in to the village for good now and it has been a great experience. The Canadian staff really have it together which is so good. When things run smoothly and questions get answered it goes a long way towards helping you settle.

As at the last games, roaming around this area with a population that is about half that of Whitehorse and 10x that of Watson Lake where I grew up it is hard to imagine putting something like this together. It is also hard to find someone who is what you might say is average in terms of physiology. If the Olympic village had a “Welcome to…” sign it would probably say “be sure to look up”. Seems like everyone here is well over 6 foot. I had forgotten that in my 4 years away.

Now I am just down to the business of settling in. I am enjoying the track…I feel comfortable in the atmosphere…I have been buoyed by all the notes of support over the last 48 hours (there must have been 300 or more come through my Facebook fan page). Just through day 2 and the games is already shaping up to be something special.