This will be the first piece of writing I have done since the passing of Paxton. There will be two parts to this piece. First I want to address a question I have been getting a lot regarding what our plans are as a family regarding memorials for our son. Many people out there have expressed an interest in being involved in some way in a memorial. My wife and I have spoken about it and we want to make things as accessible as possible. Paxton reminded us both of how wonderfully blessed we are to have the types of people we have in our families. Our support has been amazing and we want to remember Paxton in a way that honors this.

Therefore we are asking anyone who wants to be involved with us in a memorial do the following. At your holiday dinner or gathering with family (like Christmas Dinner) we ask that you simply burn a single blue Candle at let people know the candle is in memory of the family members that enrich our lives both now and in the future. Paxton has brought the importance of our families to the for front of our lives and we want that to be the light he brings to others as well. In the future this will evolve into “Paxton’s Lights: A Blue candle Campaign for the future of families”. I have Organized a local Candle Company to produce blue candles which will be for sale around thanksgiving of 2013 and hopefully every year moving forward. The proceeds from these candles will go to BC Women’s where we received our care that was so fantastic. This way I hope Paxton will have a legacy that will impact families of all kinds in BC in the future. So many people have joined us in raising money for the hospital this year that we wanted to simply ask people to burn a candle in his honor, and in honor of what all our families mean to each of us. We last heard about a month ago that the donations in Paxton’s name had reached nearly $10,000. That was the most donated in anyone’s name that was not a member of the hospital community. So thank you to all for your continuing donations. We hope you will all join us this holiday in burning a candle this holiday season at what will be the first, informal lighting of Paxton’s lights. Thank you again for all the well wishes and all the support we have received. I will update everyone on the details of the Paxton’s Lights once we have more in place.

As a family we are healing and it is taking time. One of the first steps for me was getting back to the job of being a roll model for the kids in my communities. That is the next story….